Signs from the Universe

In my opinion, the universe likes to throw things in our paths for a reason.

Yesterday I wandered around Brooklyn (Williamsburg, specifically) and stumbled across a number of words, art pieces, signs from the universe, if you will, and I realized that this is it. This is where I’m supposed to be.

I’ve done some reading, listened to podcasts, and watched YouTube videos about signs from the universe: what certain things mean, how can I be sure it’s the universe working its magic, ya know, me just trying to make sense of everything. From what I’ve gathered, the universe will send specific signs as a reminder and reassurance of that you are in Alignment.

Manifestation in increments.

I’ve made at least two vision boards within the last couple of years. I’ve noticed that the first vision board I made, I printed out and taped photos of a new laptop, a new pair of white converse, a leather jacket, the words “my NYC dream apartment.”

I’ve received all of those things in a matter of a year.

I have manifested all of it, and honestly, I’m shocked.

However, when I noticed that the first vision board seemed like it was full of things and not moments or feelings, I made another one. This time, I have words on there like “self-love,” “happiness", “happy, healthy relationship,” “published poet,” “owning $40,000” (just seems like a good number to me hehe), “healthy and active",” and “writing career.”

So far, I’ve manifested one thing: self-love.

I stand up for myself, I take care of my body to the best of my abilities (minus my coffee addiction…), I cut out negativity + toxic friendships, I put myself and the things I want first, for the first time in my life.

As for the rest of the the things I want, I just have to wait. Manifestation works in small increments, I believe.

The universe will work its magic in time.

Repeating numbers.

For me, I’ve been seeing 11:11, 3:33, and 5:55 on the clock… all. the. time.

Apparently, I guess I’m getting better at aligning my mind, body, and soul, by stretching, meditating, and doing some simple yoga every morning.

Also, apparently, change is coming.

And apparently, I need to really pay attention to what’s around me.

Brooklyn yesterday made me sure of that.

I’ve been getting only a few signs from the universe, but still, it’s something… and now, I get it.

I’m paying attention now.