current makeup and skincare routine

I'm not a makeup guru and I don't know much about skincare.

Seriously, I'm still learning which brush (or sponge?) is best for applying foundation + how to contour my face without looking orange.

There are some makeup + skincare products I know how to use and that I use nearly everyday (skincare - yes, makeup - no), so much so that I want to talk about it and obsess over it for a few minutes!

So here we go:


I used to wash my face with my prescription face wash twice a day. For whatever reason, I've gotten into the routine of only washing my face at night.

So in the mornings, after I put my contacts in and brush my teeth, I splash cold water on my face to try and wake up.

Then, products:

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.11.58 AM.png

Mario Badescu: honey moisturizer - my skin feels...well, moisturized. The smell is soft and simple and makes my face happy in the mornings.

Glossier: daily sunscreen - one of those products that I feel like I need, especially since I have freckles that like to come out in the sun. Better to be safe than skin cancer for me!

Mario Badescu: facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea - my face is SO fresh and awake after I spray this a few times all over. I'm o b s e s s e d.



If I'm leaving the house and plan on wearing makeup, I usually wear the bare minimum of products. To be honest, that's probably why I look 16 years old...and I'm 22.


I have the worst under eye bags and dark circles. It's not cute.

These IT products are miracle workers, both the eye cream and full coverage anti-aging concealer. I apply a very small amount of each to my ring finger and gently apply it to the bags under my eyes by dabbing. It’s a miracle worker.

When I was younger, I had thicker brows. When I went to high school, I didn't like them and I didn't know how to properly tweeze or shape my brows. So yes, it was messy. I'm in the process of growing out my brows using castor oil (bless!) and strength to not tweeze my brows every time I look in the mirror.

Glossier's Boy Brow - (shade: brown) I use this to give myself the look I'm aiming for while I wait for my brows to really grow into their shape. I'm utterly obsessed with this product and I need a lifetime supply of it, ugh.

Ganique Lash Enhance - this serum is for growth. I apply this once a day, usually at night/right before bed. Seriously...I live by this product. I've been seeing amazing results and my lashes look so much longer. 10/10!!!

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara - If there is one product I could save in a fire, a product that I cannot leave the house without, it would be this mascara.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.12.15 AM.png

I love Tarte. If I need to brighten up my face with some color, my go-to products are this blush (paaarty) + lip paint (salty) !

Also... I GLOW with this hello halo highlighter. I feel so confident.


What are your favorite skincare + makeup products?

I would love any tips + tricks + personal favorites! Send me a message here or contact me on a social!