bikinis, bikinis, bikinis!

I’ve always had a relatively slimmer body shape.

When I was younger, I was lanky. I was tall for my age, every year, and you could see my bones, my spine, the lack of muscle and fat on my arms. For a while, I had trouble accepting myself but I didn’t have the motivation to turn my body into something I liked. I didn’t hate myself, but I didn’t love myself, either.

For a year or two in high school, I went into the modeling industry. I worked alongside amazing people at John Casablancas, who helped me with my go-see at Wilhelmina Models! Wilhelmina Models even offered me the chance to sign with them. It was amazing, and I was grateful, but I decided to go to college instead.

Honestly, I’m glad I took the path I did. Now, with all the experience and lessons college has given me, as a more confident woman, I feel like I could start things over again. Maybe? Nonetheless, I’ve been putting myself out there with companies to see how or if I could work with them, work on my brand, and grow into confident skin.

Currently, I’m an affiliate + ambassador for a couple bikini companies: Breezy Swimwear + Chickaberry Boutique.

It’s scary posting photos of my body online, knowing there’s plenty of people who will either judge me or be creepy about it. At the same time, it’s exciting. I love being able to do what I love the most: writing, content creating, and working on my confidence while doing it.

Thankfully I’ve grown into my body. And along with starting a new health and fitness routine of my own and regularly meditating, I’m doing a little bit of self-care in the process as well: loving my body, accepting myself, and growing into every inch. And by working with these companies, I’m working towards my goals and the better lifestyle I want to live.


Breezy Swimwear

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Chickaberry Boutique

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